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Our industrial hydraulic cylinders are built to work in the toughest conditions. Developing solutions in partnership with our customers has allowed us to continually create and expand our portfolio of hydraulic cylinders that meet global safety standards for any environment you work in. DHF has rendered hydraulics even more capable, from mill-type to tie rod hydraulic cylinders; we have your hydraulic cylinder for safe and reliable lifting. This gives you smarter, reliable cost-optimized solutions with an extended lifecycle and intelligent components.

Our hydraulic cylinders range in size from 50mm bores up to 100mm bores, with push power ranging from 3.8 tonnes up to 16.5 tonnes. We stock both single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders and rams.

DHF also design and manufactures bespoke hydraulic cylinders and professional sub-contract CNC machining, plus tipping rams, trailer brake rams, cylinder supplies, accessories, hoses, kits, quick release couplings and valves.

DHF also offers a range of hydraulic log splitter cylinders and kits to build your own hydraulic log splitter. The push power available on log splitter cylinders include 13.4 tonne, 25 tonne and a heavy duty 30 tonne hydraulic log splitter cylinder.

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Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinders Types, Hydraulic Cylinders Design in India Dynamic Hydrofab has been considered as one of the prime manufacturers in Hydraulic cylinders. A mechanical motor used for moving and controlling a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke is known as Hydraulic cylinders. A linear form of motion or force is produced through the use of hydraulic fluids that is presented in a pressurized state. These cylinders have neatly designed structure of tubes, piston, ram, seals and head glands. The body of Hydraulic cylinders is a tube or a cylindrical object with a smooth finish to prevent seals from wearing out. The fluid ports are contained in the end caps. One end cap has a hole for the rod. The barrel must seal the end caps. We use wielding and swaging techniques for construction as these types cannot be disassembled for servicing. In some applications, no fasteners are …

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