Telescopic Cylinders

As the name itself proposes, telescopic cylinders are constructed like a telescope. They consist of several cylinders called stages built inside one another like a collapsible telescope. Telescopic cylinders consist of a multi-stage rod constructed of an arrangement of settled steel tubes of continuously smaller diameter. The largest diameter section is inferred as the main or barrel, the smaller-diameter sections that can be moved are known as stages; the smallest stage is also called the plunger. This exceptional outline of the hydraulic cylinder provides great travel from a very compact retracted length. Commonly, the fallen length of a telescope barrel is 20% to 40% of the completely amplified length, contingent upon the number of stages.

The ability to extend from a minimal retracted size makes Dynamic Fab Telescopic Cylinders ideal for applications where space is a problem and the conventional single-stage cylinders cant be used.

Dynamic Hydrofab is considered as one of the main producers of telescopic cylinders. They have outlined these cylinders in such a way, that these are not difficult to utilize and the maintenance expense is low. Such cylinders are for the most part utilized where there is need of high degree stroke in a small height. At the greatest, six stages are available in such cylinders. Hypothetically, barrels with more stages could be planned, yet their stability issue would be daunting. Cranes and forklifts use these cylinders. These are noted for their long strokes.

There are commonly two categories of telescopic cylinders: single-acting and double-acting—albeit other different designs do exist, including blends of both. Single-acting telescopic cylinders are the most widely recognized. Single-acting telescopic cylinders reach out under hydraulic pressure and depend on gravity or some outside mechanical force for retraction. Single-acting cylinders are utilized as a part of applications where some burden is constantly on the cylinder. The fantastic single-acting telescopic applications are dump trucks and dump trailers. Pressurized oil broadens the telescopic cylinder to raise one end of the dump body. At the point when the pressure is discharged, the weight of the dump body forces oil out of the cylinder and it eventually retracts.

Twofold acting telescopic barrels is controlled by hydraulic power in both headings. They can be utilized within applications where gravity or outer power can retract the chamber. They are appropriate for non-critical situating applications obliging augmentation and retraction movement of a considerable load.

An excellent application is the packer-ejector cylinder in transfer trailers and refuse vehicles. The horizontally mounted chamber pushes a platen to pack the load, and then must retract with the platen so more material can be included. Gravity can’t help, so a double acting chamber is utilized.

Some of the common and very useful applications of telescopic cylinders are construction equipment, especially dump trucks, where long output travel at varying angles is a challenge. Some of the many other applications include cranes, excavators, oil drilling rigs, forklift mast cylinders roll off trucks, etc. These telescopic cylinders have proven themselves to be an exceptionally useful tool in several challenging situations.

1) Single Action telescopic Hydraulic cylinder
Number of stage                      3
Max dia of Base tube                140mm
Min dia of ram (minimum)         57mm
Total Stroke                             6170
Minimum length of cylinder        23302) Single Action telescopic Hydraulic cylinder
Number of stage                      2
Max dia of Base tube                140mm
Min dia of ram (minimum)        90mm
Total Stroke                            6500 mm
Minimum length of cylinder       4000 mm

3) Double Action Six Stage Telescopic Hydraulic cylinder
Double Action Telescopic Hydraulic cylinderNumber of stage                      6
Max dia of Base tube                200mm
Min dia of ram (minimum)        50mm
Total Stroke                            3200mm
Minimum length of cylinder       930mm


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